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Mistress Bridget OL.


What's Up Wednesday, Edition 1

Welcome to the first edition of What's Up Wednesday! This will be a monthly column in which people all over the kingdom say what it is they've been up to. If you want to be featured in an upcoming edition, merely let Aryanhwy know ( what you've been doing lately, before the first Wednesday of every month. If you have a picture of what you've been doing or working on, you can send that too!

Starting off with something sweet, Lord Christian Trenchard in Depedene-under-Wychwood has been designing playing cards in sugar:

Would make for rather messy gambling, methinks!

Not every A&S project lends itself to pretty pictures, but that doesn't make it any less fascinating to peruse. Want to add a bit of arcane knowledge to your repertoire? Check out Lady Constanza of Thamesreach's new article, "Names in the charters of the Abbey of Ystrad Marchell, 1176-1283", hot off the presses.

Beautiful workmanship shows up in this lovely tablet-woven band from Joutsenjärven Sahra of Aarnimetsä, displaying one of the patterns in her Finnish tablet weaving book:

Sahra says:

Original was found from Norway and it is a dress decoration from 6th century. It was about 2,5 cm wide, my version is four, so absolutely too wide. I thought I had thin wool yarn, but it was so tight spun, that it stays quite wide even when it is woven.

Original band has two colors: red animals on blue. This band is woven with 39 tablets, 22 of them being pattern tablets and then 8+9 on edges.

Continuing in the textile train, Herrin Ellina dicta Vintdenwürvel of Isengau sends photos of her recent spinning, on the spindle, and off:

Creating something fluffy and warm: the perfect activity for winter!

Responding to my plea that there needs to be more 'S' in A&S, Lady Agnes La Verte of Dun in Mara reports that she's been hard at work building her armor kit, while over in Vielburgen, Lord Joel Zinngieser and Countess Aryanhwy merch Catmael have been carving stone and casting pewter. Look for photos of both in a future edition of WuW!

Photo credits: Christian's sugar cards were photographed by Claire McKinnell; Sahra's tablet band by Mervi Pasanen; and Ellina's spinning and yarn by Christine Fiebig. All photos used with permission, please do not copy or re-use without also getting permission!

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