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Mistress Bridget OL.


What's Up Wednesday, Edition 7

The hot topic amongst scribes last month was gilding! Mistress Bridget Greywolf, of Aventiure, held an impromptu class on gilding and gesso at Double Wars, which by all reports was quite a success. Everyone loves gold, as Mistress Kerttu Katariinantytär Roisko, of Aarnimetsä, demonstrated when gilded initial she did won the Queen's Choice prize in the blank scroll competition at the event. Elsewhere, Herrin Margaretha von Rückingen, of Meadowmarsh, looking for advice on her gilding, which was proving temperamental, put her heads together with Countess Aryanhwy merch Catmael, of Vielburgen, and the two of them spent a gold-filled evening, while Marika and Allaire, also of Vielburgen, embroidered and sewed, while Herr Joel Zinngießer finished a mould and then cast a beautiful pewter broach.

Speaking of Herr Joel's pewter work, I promised pictures a few installments back. He made custom maker's marks for Lady Catherine Weaver of Thamesreach, incorporating a tablet card and the fess wavy from her arms. Shiny!

Special mention this month goes to Countess Anna vom Urwald, of Frostheim, who put pen and brush to paper to produce a long-overdue backlog scroll from her reign. Once the outline of the design was drawn, she did all the rest herself! (The king's signature will go on the other side of the shield.) Not bad for a beginning scribe:

In a conspiracy to make me really really hungrythis rmoning, Lord Christian Trenchard of Deptford of Dependene-under-Wychwood sends a picture of pressed gingerbread, and Baroness Magdelena Grace Vane of Turmstadt reports on medieval chicken nuggets. Guess I know what I'll be making for supper on Sunday!

Of course, no report on What's (been) Up would be complete without mentioning Double Wars -- a veritable treasure trove of A&S! There's no way I could cover everything that went on there, so I'll settle for a few of my highlights. The first is the continued growth of the Nordmark Arms project, shepherded by Lady Isabetta del Verde and Viscount William of Richwood of Holmrike. Regularly in the lounge people could be found painting up new additions to it. I spent a few very pleasant hours there Sunday afternoon, joining the painting while others sat and sewed, basking in the silence of artists concentrating, punctuated only when someone stabbed themself with a needle. Another very pleasant period in the lounge was the UFO-breakers meeting organized by Mistress Lia de Thornegge of Aros, where many old and new sewing projects (and one armor repair project!) were tackled amidst a comfortable circle. My only regret there is I'd left my UFO at home.

I did not regret, however, joining the weaver's tea organized by Fru Þóra Sumarliðardóttir. Though I am no weaver myself, I'd watched with awe earlier in the week as Madame Nicole d'Anjou of Juneborg whipped up a new pair of garters before my very eyes, and the excuse to learn more about that AND drink tea and eat cookies couldn't be resisted. Weavers of all backgrounds, skill levels, and interests gathered and shared how they came to weaving, what their weaving goals are, what sort of looms they have and wish to have. Anyone who would like to get more involved with weaving in the kingdom is welcome to join the Drachenwald Weavers FB Group or contact Þóra, who is soliciting information on the best open (i.e., non-FB) platform to continue with going forward, so that no one in the kingdom is excluded.

Though it is raining outside my window right now, summer is just around the corner. I'm looking forward to seeing what projects the new season brings!

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Merlyn said...

Just as a point, Kerttu had already done the gilding on her scroll before the class was given, in fact it was sort of the reason for it because she had been having issues with the gold. So the scroll winning had nothing to do with the gilding class at all.